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"Our love would be descirbed as vile. Sinful. Immoral. But those words meant nothing to us."

I’ve loved her the second I found out she was growing inside her mother’s belly, and deep down I knew she’d change my life for the better.

As years went by, our bond grew stronger each day, and with her loving me the same way I loved her, there was nothing that could ever tear us apart.

One summer, I decided to take a year off and go on a road trip with her to see places we’ve only ever seen on tv, and to finally get to be who and what we wanted to be.

Free and in love.

But our adventure got cut short after a series of strange events.

Turned out that no matter how far from home we were, someone was bound to break us apart.

This warning should be taken seriously.
Most themes in this book might make some readers uncomfortable, and I advise you to not read it if you are sensitive when it comes to certain topics such as big age gaps, very detailed sex scenes, dark themes, and foul language.
You have been warned.


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