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1. Tap on download once you get your confirmation email.

2. Search for the downloaded file in your downloads folder on your phone. 

3. Open the file and either open it with your Kindle App or send the file to your email. (make sure to have your own email on your safe sender list)

4. Sync your Kindle and the file will appear.


1. Download the ebook and open the file. (the ebook will either open in Safari or download to your "Files" app under download)

2. If it downloads in your Files folder, simply click on the EPUB file and it will automatically open with your iBooks app.

3. If it opens in Safari, a blank page should come up. From there, click the square with the arrow pointing up. Your apps should now be shown, and from there you can either open it with iBooks directly or also send the EPUB to your address if you have the Kindle app on your iPhone. 



If you're still unsure on how to download, please send me an email at so that I can assist you.

Also, if you didn't automatically receive the confirmation email with your downloads, please also send me an email. When there is too much traffic on my website, WIX sometimes doesn't automatically send out the order confirmations, so that I will have to trigger it.

Thank you and happy reading!

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