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Our family had always been close. 

When our wives died years ago, my brother and I chose to raise our children together in one household, and it worked for us. 


With the two oldest starting college, we decided to do a cross country road trip and spend the summer creating memories. But we had no idea someone would prey on a family of six, or exactly what they’d be capable of. 


Now, instead of creating memories, we were fighting to survive and keep our minds intact. 


Question was...

Could we stick to our moral beliefs? Or would we fall into a desperate depravity we could never come back from?



This is an extremely taboo novel with a very dark theme.

We advise not to read this novel if any of the themes listed below could trigger you:


-incest (daughter/dad, cousins, uncle/nephew)

-blood play


-forced proximity 

-age gap


You have been warned.


CHF 4.99Price
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