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Ever since I was five, there were things Dad made me see that I should never have seen.

Ever since I was five, the things I saw slowly turned my happiness and innocence upside down.

Ever since I was five, he scarred me immensely mentally each day, until there was nothing left to scar.

But Dad was The Comforter. 

The man everyone relied on.

And once I realized that I needed him to survive, the only thing left for me to do was to get close to him.

Closer than I’ve ever been, and closer than any other woman had or would ever be.



This book is an extremely taboo novel, so please take this warning seriously.

Don’t read COMATOSE if the things listed below trigger you even in the slightest:

- blood play

- watersports

- knife play

- extremely detailed and rough sex scenes

- incest (Dad/Daughter)

- age gap of thirty years


There is NO rape/abuse or non-consensual sex in this novel.


By now, you should know not to read any of my extremely taboo books if it's not your cup of tea.

No one is forcing you to read it.


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