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Blue Malibu


According to my mother and therapist, I was a sex addict.
According to myself, they were full of shit and needed to loosen up a bit.

I’ve always been very open when it came to sex, and for the past couple summers that I’ve spent in Malibu, Gage had been my go-to when I needed release.
But this summer, I wanted more. 

It was Dad’s two best friends, Lando and Dawson, who caught my attention, and one by one, they fell for my fun little games.
Dawson was the first to fall to his knees, and Lando followed close behind.

All the teasing and sneaking around excited me, though, there was someone that excited me more than those two.

My Dad. 

I wished for this summer to be different, and my wish came true. 
But just as life seemed perfect, fate got in the way and shook things up.

🌊 Blue Malibu is an extremely taboo age gap and reverse harem novel. 

Triggers include:
in€3st (dad/daughter)
large age gaps (40 years)

there is NO rape, sexual assault, or cheating.

Blue Malibu

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