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Being loved by a man was one of the best feelings in the world.

But being loved by five at once was even better, no matter how fucked up that love was.


Growing up in a trailer park always made me feel different, and the stares and laughs from people who thought my family and home were strange never bothered me.


I was happy, but even the happiest people took things too far sometimes, ignoring their limits and not seeing all the red flags lighting up around them.

My own happiness slowly broke me as I let those five men show me how much they adored me.


I let them destroy me in the best way possible, and ruin me internally simultaneously. 

When I reached my lowest point and exhaustion took over my body, I didn’t think there’d be a way back to the girl I was before.


Never had I thought the five men who ruined me would end up being the ones saving me.


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