Burning Desire


At twenty, I could confidently say that I was happy with my life the way it was, but I couldn’t say the same about my past.

There were things I wish I knew.

Things that would make me understand why I grew up in foster care.

Nevertheless, I was happy, and I didn’t think a forty-six-year-old single dad and his toddler would ever add to my happiness.

The moment Grant and his four-year-old son Benny walked into my life, I never imagined connecting with them so deeply.

But every rose has its thorn, and I learned that the hard way.


Benny’s my everything, and I didn’t let women other than his mother close to him. Not unless it was necessary.

Rigby was one of those women. The day I brought Benny to his first day of daycare, it was her I had to trust to take good care of my son. But what I never intended on doing was trusting and getting close to her myself.

Rigby was easy to love, no matter the age difference between us, but with her past coming back to haunt her unexpectedly, it clashed with my own and put our love to the test.


Book #2 in the Desire Series

-Interracial Love

-Age Gap of 26 years

-Single Dad

-Broody & Alpha-hole Hero


-Very Intense & Detailed Sex Scenes

Burning Desire

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